Meeting Minutes (8/15/2019)


FALL 2019

AUGUST 15, 2019 – 7PM


Prayer Requests – Jennie

· Lauren– for safe travels to all the undergraduate students and PY2s returning to campus

· Ana– for a blessed semester for us all - allow us to start the semester strong!


· Jesse – Executive Board:thank you for all your work this summer and for our participation in our meetings. I am excited to work with you all this year!

· Jesse – Collin:The KY Recruitment material has been great so far!

· Jesse – Nikole/Jennie:Thank you for your help during the PY1 Bridging Course presentation for KY today

· Collin – Jacob/Cole/Kevin/Sanni/Taylor H/Matt: Thank you for supporting us during our PBC presentation today by attending the presentation and sporting your KY letter shirts!

· Jesse – Jacob: for all your work in advertising and renting out available rooms in the KY house

· Karl – to those who gave the PBC presentation: You did a fantastic job with the presentation, it was the best one I’ve seen!

· Elana – to those who helped with the Connections Cookout set-up: I really appreciated all your help!

GCD - Dr. Rodgers

Welcome back everybody!

· This year will be an exciting one with the 50thanniversary of the house! The official launching of the endowment will be a significant event for our Fraternity as it will allow us to devote more attention to our house while strengthening our bond with our Alumni

· My door is always open – I am here for you if you need anything!

GCD – Steve Lundeen

· Rush Season is officially upon us – make an effort to help the new PY1s feel welcome!

· This year will be an important year for our chapter financially – focus on our finances and keep cost in mind as we think of the future of our Fraternity.

Regent – Jesse

· Welcome back!

o Don not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas throughout our meetings. I am here as a resource for you all and I want you to be open in sharing at these chapter meetings

o If something is not working for you here, let me know how we can fix it!

Vice Regent – Lauren

· Committee Sign-ups

o Shout out to the PY2s for all signing up for committees! PY3s, please make sure you sign up for at least one ACTIVE committee

§ Even if you are a lead for a committee, you must still be a member of a separate standing committee

§ Sign-ups for committees can be found here

· Alumni Sponsor

o I have reached out to Alumni with the idea of an Alumni Sponsor program to see if any Alumni would be interested in sponsoring a Brother who is considered to be the most involved in terms of their participation in meetings, philanthropy activities, and professional events

§ Currently working through the details - keep this opportunity in mind moving forward if it is something you would be interested in

Secretary – Kelly

· KY Calendar Update

o In order to incorporate our calendar into the new (awesome) website Cole built, we will be switching to Google Calendar this year!

§ Check your email in the coming days for an invitation to the calendar

· Plan for Weekly E-mail

o Currently working on developing a weekly e-mail newsletter that would include all the pertinent information for the week (Meeting Agendas, Cleaning Areas, Meeting Minutes, Event Announcements, KY Birthdays/Shout-Outs, etc.)

§ Plan to roll-out newsletter in September – open to any suggestions and feedback!

Treasurer – Taylor H.

· Financial Update

o Current Balance: $16441.17

o Text Taylor if you would like to learn more about setting up a payment plan

· Committee Budgets

o All committee budgets have been received – look-out for approval of those budgets in the coming days/weeks

· Fall Semester Dues - $300

o Dues for PY3s and PY4s are due August 31

o Dues for PY2s will be due September 30

o Please reach out to Taylor if you would like to learn more about setting up a payment plan!

Chaplain – Jennie

· Fall Semester Philanthropy Events and Dates

o Lounge clean-ups are scheduled for every Friday – thank you to Nikole and Matt for signing up this week!

o Saturday, September 14; 8:15-12:00pm - Habitat for Humanity

§ Event involves helping to build a house for a senior housing neighborhood in Downtown Hillsborough

§ Maximum of 12 volunteers

o Tuesday, September 24 - Pediatric Playroom

§ Idea: use Pediatric Playroom as an opportunity to hold a Sig Meeting with a pledge while also fulfilling your philanthropy hours!

o Adopt a Highway will be incorporated into the Mandatory House Clean-ups

o Upcoming: Doug is looking in to a Ronald McDonald lantern making activity in collaboration with TABS!

· Any ideas please let me know!

o Karl – Atlantic Province’s Reach Out and Read Philanthropy effort

· Volunteering Reminders

o As stated in the Policy Manual, if you sign up for an event and later find that you are no longer available to volunteer, you must let Jennie know at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event

§ Failure to do so will result in a deduction of the hours you signed-up for from your total hours for the semester

Professional Chair – Elana

· Flu Clinic Information

o Tuesday, August 27 6:00-8:00pm at the KY house

o There is one more immunization station open – let Elana know if you have any suggestions for Brothers/students who are employed by CVS to immunize

· Fall semester professional events

o Professional Industry Informational Event

§ Proposal: Host the Professional Industry Informational Event the evening of Monday, September 23

· Status: Passed

Pledgemaster & Assistant Pledgemaster – Nikole & Sanni

· Pledging Timeline

o Big Brother Applications will be made available September 9

§ Due September 15

§ Big Brother/Little Brother Social will be held on Thursday, September 26

o Proposal: Hold Induction on Thursday, September 19 starting at 7:00pm

§ Status: Passed

o Proposal: Hold Initiation on Saturday, November 16 starting at 7:00pm

§ Status: Passed

· Expectations for Pledging Season

o If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Nikole and/or Sanni

Recruitment Chair – Collin

· Senate Carnival Recap

o Thank you to Jennie, Nikole, and Jesse for helping me with Senate Carnival!

· Expectations During Recruitment

o As a reminder, recruitment events count towards the 70/30 attendance requirement

§ Formal Recruitment is a mandatory event – please let Collin know if you are unable to attend

· Proposal: Hold Formal Recruitment on Sunday, September 15 11:00am-1:00pm

o Status: Passed

o “Response Cheat Sheet” for responding to some of the trickier questions PY1s may ask

§ Look out for a survey where you can share common questions we are asked and how you typically respond

o Loading Dose on Franklin is tomorrow night – please come out if you are in the area as this is a great opportunity to meet the incoming PY1s!

· PBC Presentation

· Ice Cream Social

o Sunday, August 18 4-6pm – currently have 10 brothers signed up, max is 15-20

§ Please sign up if you are available – can do so here

§ Collin will be there at 3:30pm to set up if you would like to help!

· Recruitment Event Timeline

o The first Rush Committee meeting will be held next Thursday, August 22 at 6:00pm

o Rush officially begins on Tuesday, September 3

§ Volunteers needed – if anyone knows how to grill and/or build a bonfire, please let Collin know!

§ Alumni Panel scheduled with Steve Lundeen, Dr. Rogers, Kristen Lundeen, Dr. Williams, Kenny Kang, and Caroline Welles

o There will be sign-ups available for Bid-Day set-up and Formal Recruitment interviews

Alumni Chair – Stella

· Alumni Day Date

o Proposal: Host Alumni Day on Saturday, October 26 9-12pm or 10-1pm (depending on game schedule)

§ Status: Passed

House Manager & Assistant House Manager – Jacob & Doug

· House Repairs Update

o The new door code is 1879 (the year KY was founded)!

o The second-floor air conditioning has been fixed

o The third-floor leak has been repaired as well

o There are two new, fully furnished rooms available on the second floor!

· Mandatory Clean-Up Dates

o Proposal: Schedule first mandatory clean-up for Tuesday, September 3 at 7:00pm

§ Status: Passed

o Proposal: Schedule second mandatory clean-up Thursday, October 24 after meeting

§ Status: Passed

o Proposal: Schedule third mandatory clean-up Saturday, November 16 at 10:00am

§ Status: Passed

· Penny the Dog

o Alumni Brother, Erin Wei, and her dog Penny are living in the house this year!

§ As a heads up, Penny is a little friendlier towards the females and may be slightly intimidating towards males

Historian – Ashleigh

· Brother Spotlight Google Doc

o Thank you to all of you who have filled out the Spotlight Google form – if you haven’t yet, you can fill out the form here

· Facebook Page

o Look out for a Facebook page! Let Ashleigh know if you have any ideas for our social media outlets

Social Chair – Sam E.

· Date for Halloween Party

· Open discussion about Semi-Formal

Sergeant-at-Arms – Zayan

Fundraising Chair – Marin

· Merchandise Rollout

o Merchandise Idea – sell water bottles the school, rolling out next week hopefully

o Business Cards

Webmaster – Cole

· New Website Update

o Will be sending out information as to how to log-in to the new website

§ The website will include meeting minutes, recruitment events, important dates, etc.

o Let Cole know if there is any information or ideas you want to have included on the website

· Plan for website launch

· Website Development Committee

o Sign up and let Cole know if you are interested!

Legislative Chair – Emma S.

Brotherhood Development Chair – Vraj

Any Last Comments for the Good of the Brotherhood

· Karl– Winter Assembly dates have been finalized!

o Weekend of January 24-26th, in Athens, Georgia

o If you are interested in running for a province position, reach out to Karl and/or Alexis to learn more about the process!

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