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Meeting Minutes (8/22/2019)

Prayer Requests – Stand-in for Jennie (Emma)

· Lauren – for the PY3s in class as they face upcoming midterm exams and academic struggles during the next week

· Ana – for the Amazon Rainforest


· Jesse – to those who came out to meeting tonight, thank you for being here!

Dr. Jay Vora

· Please reach out if you have any questions about residency or fellowship opportunities as I am more than happy to grab a cup of coffee with you and share any advice!

Regent – Jesse

· Mandatory Events Reminder

o Should have received an email sent out earlier this week with the dates for Mandatory Events and instructions regarding the Absence Request process

§ If you are scheduled to work during more than one mandatory event, please make an effort to get off from work

o PY2s must attend 2 of the 3 Mandatory House Clean-Ups this semester and PY3s must attend 1 out of the 3

§ If you do not meet this requirement, you will be fined in the same way as you would for missing a mandatory event

o Per the Policy Manual: if you must miss a mandatory event due to your rotation you will not face a fine as long as you notify the Secretary within 14 days of the expected absence

· International Committees Signup

o Atlantic Province Satrap, Allie Fay, sent out a google document to sign-up for international committees

§ This is a great opportunity to get involved on a national level, contribute to your CV, and network with other KY Brothers!

· Encourage you to see if this is something you would be interested in – the link for the sign-up can be found here

· Clarification of attendance at recruitment events

o The 70/30 Attendance Policy applies to recruitment events – please make an effort to attend as many of these events as you can!

· There will be no meeting next week with the upcoming Labor Day Weekend holiday!

Vice Regent – Lauren

· Committee Meeting Minutes

o There is a new committee meeting minutes sheet that committee chairs will be utilizing to keep track of minutes and attendance

§ Committee meeting minutes will be shared via the website to be viewed by Brothers

o Attendance for committees will be documented – if you are not actively involved and attending committee meetings, you are at risk of not meeting your requirement

Secretary – Kelly

· Google Calendar Invitations

o Invitations to the KY Google Calendar were sent out this past weekend

§ If you did not receive an invitation, please let me know!

Treasurer – Taylor H.

· Financial Update

o Current Balance: $17,592.47

· Pay your dues and fines!

o Dues for PY3s/PY4s are due August 30; dues for PY2s are due September 30

o Payment plans are available – please reach out to Taylor if you are interested!

Chaplain – Jennie

· Lounge clean-up volunteers before Labor Day Weekend

o Volunteers: Nikole and Taylor

Professional Chair – Elana

· Flu clinic details/sign-ups

o Flu Clinic is August 27, 6:00-8:00pm

§ Thank you to those who have signed up thus far! You will receive a professional point for volunteering

§ If you are interested in volunteering, there a few spots left! You can sign-up here

· Professional event announcement

o The Industry Professional event has been confirmed with Joey Pippin and Justin Veeder for September 23 at 6:00pm at the KY House

§ Informational session on what it is like to be a pharmacist in industry and the process of interviewing for fellowships

§ A Zoom link will be provided for those who cannot attend in person

Pledgemaster & Assistant Pledgemaster – Nikole & Sanni

Recruitment Chair – Collin

· Any relevant information from preceding committee meeting

o Thank you to everyone who came out to the Ice Cream Social – it went really well!

o The Frequently Asked Questions/Answers document has been shared via Facebook (it can also be found here)

§ Please fill this out with any common/tricky questions you’ve received from rushees in the past and what your best answer was

§ There is an additional section to include any general recommendations/tips as well

o Asheville Weekend – a great opportunity to meet more of the PY1s!

o Sign-ups for Formal Recruitment Interviews will open Monday, September 2 at 7:00pm

Alumni Chair – Stella

· Lake Norman trip

o For anyone attending the Lake Norman event, Kelly has sent an email with details

§ Several important alumni will be in attendance – have fun and make sure to let them know that we appreciate them!

o Met with Kelly, our Alumni connection, this past Friday – there are several plans in the works for Alumni Day and the 50th Anniversary

§ Want to focus on creating merchandise that will be available for purchase

House Manager & Assistant House Manager – Jacob & Doug

· Fume Hood Inspection

o Plan to contact the Fire Marshall to have the fume hood inspected as its removal may help us save money in the long-run

Historian – Ashleigh

· Brother Spotlight

o Thank you to those who have already filled out the Brother Spotlight form! If you are interested in being featured on our social media, please fill out the form linked here

· Facebook Page

o Has been created – should have received an invite

§ Still in the works, but hope to have it ready prior to Flu Clinic on August 27th so that we are able to advertise for that event

Social Chair – Sam E.

· Date for Halloween Party

o Two potential dates: Friday, November 1 or Saturday, November 2

§ Will be put to a vote on the Social Board to determine Brotherhood preference

· Open discussion about Semi-Formal

o Might run into issues with scheduling Semi-Formal for Fall semester as it is a busy time of year

§ Considering holding Semi-Formal in January instead

Sergeant-at-Arms – Zayan

Fundraising Chair – Marin

· Merchandise rollout

· Business cards

o Interest has been expressed in providing Business Card holders as well – will be looking into that as an option

Webmaster – Cole

Legislative Chair – Emma S.

· Want to make it so that everyone feels like they have the opportunity to have a say in what is included in the Policy Manual

o In September/October, a form will be available for you to anonymously submit suggestions or edits you have for the Policy Manual

o The Legislative Committee will review these suggestions in October with plans to formally present any changes to the Brotherhood in November

Brotherhood Development Chair – Vraj

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