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Meeting Minutes (Aug 13, 2020)

Prayer Requests – Becky

  • Lebanon


  • Sam Elmes for helping Kevin Rhash move apartments

  • Katie and Sarah on Senate Carnival

Steve Lundeen

Dr. Rodgers

  • Welcome everyone!

  • Hope everyone is successful this semester!

  • The Central Office has a stipulation in place for Faculty GCDs to approve any chapter events that are going to happen to ensure that local policies are being followed

  • Adequate precautions need to be taken for events to be approved

Regent – Nikole

  • Welcome Back!

  • COVID updates

  • There is a new COVID screening Google form for attendees of events to fill out for any events we have

  • Jennie will send out in weekly email

  • Atlantic Province Brotherhood Development

  • Registration is free

  • All brothers are encouraged to attend as many events as they can (Taylor Harris, Nikole, and Stephanie will be presenting)

  • Atlantic Province awards survey will be linked in email- please fill out!

Vice Regent – Ashleigh

  • Committee Meetings - 70/30

  • Reminder that committee meetings are part of 70/30 attendance policy

  • Attendance only counts when you are in class like chapter meetings

  • Scholarship committee meeting 8pm next Monday

  • 2019-2020 Awards Survey

  • Would normally present in spring at formal, but were were unable to have formal d/t COVID

  • Please fill out this form by next Friday August 21!

  • Ashleigh will look into service awards to add to survey'

  • CV Reviews still open until fall

Treasurer – Jacob

  • Dues

  • PY2s dues are due September 31

  • PY3s/PY4s dues are due September 13

  • Financial Statement

  • Total balance $5609.72

  • Payable: $12,511.58

  • Receivable: $15,901.00

Secretary –Jennie

  • Weekly emails

  • Let Jennie know if you have any feedback

  • HeelLife

  • Any events that involve non-brothers will need an event page on HeelLife- make sure you RSVP (will be required for attendance)

Chaplain – Becky

  • Philanthropy Committee Meeting

  • August 20 at 12pm

Professional Chair – Kevin

  • Flu Shot Clinic

  • Will need to get Dr. Rodgers’ approval for this

  • We are taking all proper precautions

  • Kevin will grab some face shields for immunizers to use

Pledgemaster & Assistant Pledgemaster – Amanda & Jonathan

  • Pledge Committee Meeting Monday 8/24 6:30pm

  • Planning for in-person activity at this point

  • If you would still like to join Pledging committee, let Amanda know!

Recruitment Chairs- Katie & Sarah

  • Rush Dates/Times

  • Speed Dating, Alumni Panel, Trivia, Tie Dye

  • Speed Dating - September 3rd from 6-9 PM (in person)

  • Will have a list of ice-breaker questions

  • Alumni panel - September 8th from 7-8 PM (zoom)

  • Plan to ask: Dr. Rodgers, the lundeens, Trusha has already agreed to speak, either a PY2 resident or Dwills

  • Trivia - September 18th from 7-9 PM (zoom)

  • Tie Dye - September 26th from 1-4 PM (in person)

  • Current plan is to tie dye bandanas and send ppl home with goodie bags with 2 hair ties, a coffee filter (or cloth filter), etc. so they can make their own masks with the bandanas

  • Formal recruitment - October 4th from 9 AM to 1 PM (in person)

  • Cannot have more than 25 people at each in-person event- 15 rushees, 10 brothers

  • All in-person events will be outside except interviews for formal recruitment- will be 6ft apart

  • Please fill out brother spotlight for rush season!

  • Shout out to Yan for helping out!

Alumni Chair – Ashlyn

  • Virtual 50th Anniversary Party

  • Proposal: To hold the Virtual 50th Anniversary Party on Saturday, November 7

  • Status: Passed

House Manager & Assistant House Manager – Brendan & SiTong

  • Bathroom

  • On a pause for right now due to economics

  • House committee first meeting next Wednesday

  • Weekly Cleanups

  • We will not be using the house as much so probably do not need to do weekly cleanups

  • Working on how to best go about this- maybe biweekly cleanups

  • How will this work?

  • After events

Historian – Yan

  • E-Board Spotlight

  • Eboard members please fill out the google form

  • Summer Brother Spolight

  • Another google form!- no deadline but would be good to have done by the end of August before Rush starts

  • Showcase for brothers who had internships/awards over the summer

  • Also if you heard that a brother did something cool over the summer, you can fill it out on their behalf!

  • Please take pictures at events b/c Yan is not in Chapel Hill currently!

  • Can put photos in google folder that Yan will send out

Social Chair – Sydney

  • Summer Awards Ceremony 8/28 at 6:30PM

  • Move to a completely virtual event or have a sign up sheet sent out in advance (max 25 people, priority to senior brothers giving gifts and people giving/receiving awards? Other ideas for who is prioritized?)

  • Would move to a lottery after we meet 25 people

  • Will send out google form shortly

  • How can we ensure that people who take spots actually attend?

Sergeant-at-Arms – Zayan

  • House Safety Rules for COVID

  • Face Coverings to prevent droplet to droplet transmission

  • Physical Distancing both indoors and outdoors

  • Try not to share items

  • Wash hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

  • Commonly missed areas during hand washing

  • Call medical provider if you experience any COVID symptoms

  • Avoid large gatherings

  • This powerpoint will be sent out in weekly email on Monday!

  • Committee meeting- 8/13 4PM

Fundraising Chair – Vany

  • Fundraising Survey:​

  • Contactless House Pick Up

  • Brothers can pick up for friends/roommates, just leave a comment or let me know!

  • KY Merch Link: ​

  • ESOP Thank You Cards: ​

  • Can we start advertising these to the school?

  • Will ask Sam V

  • Atlantic Province Reminders

  • Operations​ (Regent, Vice Regent):

  • Pledging​ (Regent, Plegdgemaster, Assistant Pledgemaster)

  • Social Events​ (Regent, Social Chair, House Manager)

  • Philanthropy/Service Events​ (Regent, Chaplain, Philanthropy Chair, Service Chair)

  • Fundraising Events​ (Regent, Fundraising Chair)

  • Programming for Alumni Brothers​ (Regent, Alumni Chair)

  • Treasurer​ (Regent, Treasurer)

  • Recruitment​ (Regent, Recruitment Chair)

  • Professional Development​ (Regent, Vice Regent, Professional Chair)

Webmaster – Taek

Legislative Chair – Justin

  • Legislative Committee Meeting TBD

  • Atlantic Province, Brotherhood Development Series → Legislation Review session on Wed, Aug 26 @ 7pm

  • Legislative committee tasked with an agreement form for brothers to sign with house regulations, ESOP guidelines, national guidelines, etc. (COVID-related)

Brotherhood Development Chair – Sanni

  • Committee Meeting TBD to brainstorm ideas

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